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Tom Sanders

Tom Sanders

4 April 2017

Tom Sanders is a geologist with over 35 years’ experience in the Australian mining industry.  He has extensive experience in project generation, exploration, feasibility, mining and corporate management with a strong emphasis on gold and nickel in Western Australia.  Mr Sanders has published works on nickel and gold in WA, in addition to regional mineralisation studies on the eastern Kimberley region under contract to the Geological Survey of WA.

Mr Sanders has managed a large number of exploration projects, several of which he progressed into production during a 23 year period based in the Kalgoorlie region in WA.  He has extensive production experience on several underground and open pit gold and nickel operations.

Mr Sanders was responsible for identifying Breaker’s initial projects and guiding the Company to a successful ASX listing in 2012. Mr Sanders previously founded Navigator Resources Limited and steered that company from initial project acquisition to ASX-listing.  He then managed the building of a two million ounce gold resource inventory through discovery and acquisition and identified the Cummins Range rare earth resource.